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Simran Export Inc. presents a whole new experience in a myraid fragrances. Fragrances and aromas from the exotic orient to the enchanting west. The Simran repertoire of incenses and fragrances is amazing in terms of its range and aesthetic packing. Each Simran product is the result of years of in-house painstaking research and development. All the products are manufactured at its own manufacturing facilities by multi-skilled craftsmen under the strict supervision of experienced QC personnel. Natural perfumes and fragrances are developed at its own perfumery managed by seasoned specialists.

The fragrances are developed as per the international trends and keeping in mind the requirements of its discerning buyers. To compliment its vast and aromatic range of fragrances, there are accessories like incense and cone holders, oil burners in a wide range of material besides a collection of a diverse range of handicrafts. Innovative and colorful packing concepts developed at its own studio are yet another forte of Simran. This fusion of quality products and innovative packaging lends an outstanding visual appeal to all the products.

The company is proud on the traits of its earlier generations who had been in the line of perfumery and incense since 1919. Today, it is ably led from the front by
Mr. Simran Singh, a dynamic and young enterpreneur with proactive thinking and a solid vision. His penchant for innovative and quality products at competitive prices ahs helped Simran carve an enviable inche for itself in the international market.

Simran products aer acclaimed for their excellence all over the world, the main areas of exports are U. K. , U. S. A., Canada, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, UAE, Thailand, Phillipines, South Africa, Portugal, Hongkong etc.

The company believes in continuous upgradation of its products to satisfy the diverse requirements of its rapidly growing clientele. In the coming years, it plans to further enhance its product spectrum by developing new and innovative products. It also plans to consolidate its market share by forging new and meaningful business alliances.

This website showcases some of the products from the wide product spectrum of Simran Export Inc.. It is only meant to highlight its capability as quality manufacturer and exporter of fragrances, inceses, asseccories and crafts.


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